Yom Iyun: Relationships

Relationships. This is an important topic and one that we could have learned about for days on end. After all, relationships can be very complex and make up the majority of our daily interactions. How we interact with others ultimately can affect the quality of our lives. Knowing this, we arranged a special day of learning and yom Iyun on the topic of “Relationships” and heard from some of our speakers and an incredibly inspiring guest lecturer by the name of Rabbi Ari Bensoussan. They all spoke about different relationships and how to know if you are in a healthy relationships whether it was a friendships, a business interaction or ultimately when one is married. One speaker even discussed Torah tactics for making a Kiddush Hashem and having amazing relationships with anyone that you speak with on the street.

All in all, we heard from amazing teachers who opened our eyes to new ideas and topics regarding Hakaras Hatov and being truly Observant Jews by being observant of other people. This Yom Iyun was so eye opening and resonated with so many girls who are already looking forward to having more special Yom Iyun learning seminars in the coming year.